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Eyeslolly newborn photography session. If you’re looking for a friendly professional photographer to capture special moments, don’t look any further. Email or call us and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.


5 design options. For £299 you will get a package of 5 logo designs. 2 will be selected for further revision. From these two, one will be selected for final revision/tweaking until you are completely happy with the final project – your personalised logo.

After a few rounds of selection, here’s the final decision.

Mags MacKean


Singapore television, local sitcom and drama. Projects as a video editor.

ROAD TO MECCA is a documentary of one mans pilgrimage to Islams Holy Land. For 5 months, filmmaker Harman Hussin travelled overland from Singapore to Mecca, immersing himself in different cultures and encountering people people from all walks of life. Armed with his camera, he embarks on a journey of life, strength and humanity across the vast continent of Asia.

This is part of the Divemaster training skill programme. Here, the Divemaster is showing a demonstration skill for evaluation. This is a good study example for Dive Instructors to do evaluation.

Initially, Gray – the founder, our client – wanted ‘G’ Cycle For Guided Tour. We proposed the name Go Cycle. However, Go Cycle was taken and came our with a fews options: Go Bike, Go Biking, Go Cycling, Go By Cycle and finalised with Go Cycle Tour. Btw, its a touring service.

Go Cycle Tour