cBatikStart an exciting new hobby and create unique works of art using the traditional method of Batik in our art workshops or customized programmes.

What is Batik?
In a breath, Batik is a traditional technique for fabric design originating from Java, Indonesia. It involves the use of wax and dyes to imprint designs and art onto fabric.
Traditionally these styles are bold and beautiful. Originally certain designs were reserved for royalty but over time, entered common use. Batik patterns are divided into different families of designs, each with hundreds of variations within them.

1. Introductory – Traditional style of Batik Painting Class/Workshop

Introduction to Batik (2hr session). This session will teach you the basics of Batik and allow you the opportunity to create your own.

Participants will experience the process involved in creating Batik.
Using a wax resist method, participants will use the traditional tool, the tjanting (wax pen) to draw on fabric your own Batik style patterns and design. Participants will then learn dyeing techniques and how to make fabrics colour-fast.

If requested, knowledge can be shared regarding the history of batik specific to its South East Asian heritage.

This programme would be suitable for a complete novice, where no previous knowledge or skills are required. If however, participants did have some experience or skills in this area, the programme would be tailored so as to build upon these skills or allow the opportunity for free practice, with advice and guidance available.

The Introductory workshop could be run for individuals or groups of various sizes. For example, it may be ran as part of an Art Education Programme for Schools or for a Team-building exercise for groups or corporations.

2. Our Recommended Programmes

Community Batik (2hours)

Take a peep here to see what it’s all about.

If you were looking for a fun activity with a purposeful outcome, rather than developing specific skills then a Community Batik project might be right for you (and your team).

In only two hours, Community Batik gives people the opportunity to have fun, work together as a team and create a collective piece of art.

No previous skills or experience is required. Participants will work together to create an art piece on a greater scale. In this group activity, participants will all get the opportunity to apply colour to a pre-drawn design stretching out on 2 -3 meters of fabric. The fabric will be prepared for finish under instruction (time allowing) and presented to the group as a beautiful keepsake of their experience.

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