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After a few rounds of selection, here’s the final decision.

Mags MacKean


Singapore television, local sitcom and drama. Projects as a video editor.

ROAD TO MECCA is a documentary of one mans pilgrimage to Islams Holy Land. For 5 months, filmmaker Harman Hussin travelled overland from Singapore to Mecca, immersing himself in different cultures and encountering people people from all walks of life. Armed with his camera, he embarks on a journey of life, strength and humanity across the vast continent of Asia.

This is part of the Divemaster training skill programme. Here, the Divemaster is showing a demonstration skill for evaluation. This is a good study example for Dive Instructors to do evaluation.

Initially, Gray – the founder, our client – wanted ‘G’ Cycle For Guided Tour. We proposed the name Go Cycle. However, Go Cycle was taken and came our with a fews options: Go Bike, Go Biking, Go Cycling, Go By Cycle and finalised with Go Cycle Tour. Btw, its a touring service.

Go Cycle Tour

Shot by the Harbourside in Bristol, Uploaded on Youtube and embedded on Mags Mackeen website.

We have been working hard on some projects in Bristol for the past few months. Print, identity/logo, shooting & editing video , website  design – with all the hardcoding that make your eyes swirl, photography and so on… here it is,at random. Some completed as well as in process.

Urban Shaman - Logo