Live Love Organic Logo Design

Live Love Organic’s logo designed by eyeslolly. We had a brilliant working experience with Live Love Organic. We collaborated with their business a couple of month and learned lots for those lovely people.


Look what we brought back from Singapore.

A culturally-rich drawing form “Batik” integrates well into various communities and organizations.

Being previously based in Singapore, we have worked with (Kamal’s Artshop) in providing Community Batik in several workshops and events in Singapore. Our reputation precedes us, and much of our work was built up through word of mouth as people recommended us to others based on their positive experiences.

This is now something we wish to build upon here in Bristol.

Introducing Community Batik in Bristol. Our aim is to build upon the team spirit, be it in School, Corporations, Organisation or Groups.

For more details on the workshop or event, you may email us at

065820504_iconlNot that we support any of it but visually this is how we see it.



leaflet_llo1 Live Love Organic leaflet design.

Somali Star Investments Logo Design

Transparency Solutions LogoTransparency Solutions final logo design. Thanks to our lovely client.

Azizah's Logo Approved on the first draft and no changes needed – as it is. Fantastic client or fantastic design 🙂



We have created a New Year’s Resolution logo. However, we are still looking for one.

Artist-in-Residency Programme @ Kamal’s Artshop – Singapore

Work in process.

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